Under new Management

As of March 11, 2024 Equine Leg Magic is under new Management. With a new phone number:


Over the past 18 months customer service has fallen to an intolerably low level, almost non-existent, customers have left and sales have declined. The one thing that has remained consistent is the formula, our product has not changed.

In the coming months we are striving to bring the company back to its original high customer service standards and improve the business overall. With your continued loyalty to our product and to this company, we can mend the damage done.

In the past customers called to consult the issue or issues their horse(s) had and were given a dosage regiment to follow for a specified length of time, calling back to discuss their horses progress and deciding how to proceed from there. A very hands on customer/horse friendly method. We would like to go back to this process as it benefited owner and animal. Should you choose not to call, please drop us an email through the website or text with your horses issues, we will set up a regiment for your horse.
We apologize to everyone for struggling through the lack of communication and service over the past 18 months.

Ann Randles, Owner

Pam Kulp, Manager




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