Natural Remedies for Canine Joint Support

Have you seen significant changes in your dog's mobility and mood? Are you worried it could be arthritis or other joint issues? Often our furry friends develop joint issues as they age or when they have been injured. Their health is important whether they it's a working dog or family pet. Choosing the right exercise and diet regimen is the key to improving and maintaining joint health.

One in four dogs in the Unites States, suffers from some type of Arthritis.Osteoarthritis, or arthritis in dogs, is a degenerative joint disease and by far the most common. Keep in mind that not all dogs suffering from this are elderly.

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons says that with proper treatment, “many dogs can live comfortably for years following a diagnosis,” although osteoarthritis is progressive, getting worse over time. Finding the proper treatment that helps prevent and manage joint pain is critical to the quality of life of your canine companion.

Common symptoms of joint pain in dogs include:

  • Refusing to walk or exercise
  • Limping/ favoring one leg
  • Joint Swelling
  • Joints clicking or popping
  • Stiffness after laying down
  • Loss of muscle mass in rear legs

Benefits of natural supplements and diet:

  • Increase Energy & Mobility
  • Support flexibility
  • Accelerate and smooth surgery recovery
  • Reduce Inflammation

What remedies should be used to support your dog's joint health?

  • Daily exercise
  • Add a natural joint supplement and Omega 3s to their diet
  • Quality food

Canine Leg Magic is a Natural Mineral Supplement specially formulated for joint support in dogs, created by Dr. Kay Kelley who also formulated Equine Leg Magic, a joint supplement for Horses and foals with crooked legs. Read the testimonials to learn more about Canine Leg Magic and how it has helped restore joint health in Dogs!


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