Why is Equine Leg Magic™ so magical?

ELM is a granular mineral supplement plus vitamins formulated in specific ratios that can be added to feed twice daily or added to water and given orally as a suspension. All mineral ingredients in ELM are simple compounds that dissociate rapidly upon ingestion. It is this feature that makes ELM 100% bio-available to the tissue cells of muscle, tendons, bones, nerves, etc., and explains the wide range of undesired results that respond to the product. It should be noted that ELM does not replace free choice mineral sources.

 What conditions have Equine Leg Magic™ been known to support?

  • healthy joints
  • healthy muscles and tendons
  • proper leg growth in foals
  • hoof growth
  • increased flexibility
  • stifle health
  • sweat production
  • bone growth
  • straight pasterns
  • suspensory ligament
  • body and foot definition

How much is Equine Leg Magic™?



Scoops* / Quantity

9lb bag



16lb bag



25lb bag



*Scoop = 1 Tablespoon

*Cost includes shipping - USPS Priority Mail

*Canada shipping cost is calculated at checkout. We are working with vendors to reduce shipping costs. 

How long can I feed ELM to my horse?

Equine Leg Magic™ is likely to be an integral part of your equine’s health. For that reason, we recommend that it become a part of your regular supplement schedule.

What are some feeding tips?  

  • ELM easily “sticks” to sweet feed.
  • ELM will settle to the bottom of a pelleted feed container.
  • ELM will “stick” to a variety of products such as soaked beet pulp, molasses, oils, etc
  • If your equine rejects the flat mineral taste of ELM you may add the above suggestions or applesauce or other more palatable equine safe food.

Can I feed this to my foal or growing equine?

  • ELM is safe for newborn foals after 10 days.
  • ELM is safe for nursing foals after 10 days.
  • ELM scoops should increase proportionately to weight of horse.

Is ELM safe for aging and geriatric horses? Yes!

Can I feed alfalfa while on ELM?

We'd rather you not feed alfalfa if it can be avoided. Alfalfa is a legume high in calcium and therefore would reduce the benefits of ELM that your horse would receive otherwise. At most, we suggest a ratio of no more than 20% of alfalfa to regular daily feed. 

Does this product replace free-choice minerals?

ELM is not a replacement for free-choice mineral sources.

What are the Equine Leg Magic™ (ELM) Ingredients?

Biotin• L-Lysine• Sodium Selenite• Calcium Carbonate• Magnesium Oxide• Thiamine Mononitrate• Calcium Phosphate• Magnesium Sulfate• Vegetable Oil• d-Calcium Pantothenate• Manganous Oxide• Vitamin A Supplement• Choline Chloride• DL-Methionine• Vitamin B-12 Supplement• Cobalt Sulfate• Niacin• Vitamin D-3 Supplement• Copper Sulfate• Potassium Chloride• Vitamin E Supplement• Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide• Potassium Sulfate• Yeast Culture• Ferrous Sulfate• Pyridoxine Hydrochloride• Zinc Oxide• Folic Acid• Riboflavin• Prebiotics• Probiotics

Is it All-Natural?

Yes! ELM is 100% all-natural. 

Are there any prohibited substances in ELM?


Is ELM safe?

ELM is made of ingredients which have been studied and approved safe for horses.

What are the instructions for just starting ELM?

Day 1: Add 1 scoop (1 Tablespoon) of ELM to the feed of your choice twice daily and continue until day 3.

Day 3: Increase to 2 scoops twice daily and continue at this level until day 6.

Day 6: Increase to 3 scoops twice daily and continue at this level until day 10.

Day 10: Increase to 4 scoops twice daily and continue at this level for 10 weeks.

At 8-10 weeks you should see improvements. Many see results sooner. 

10 Weeks: Continue at the higher level beyond which you see major improvement.

You can view and print our instruction sheet here.

My horse is great! Should I stop using Equine Leg Magic™?

Please gradually reduce the amount of scoops fed to your horse to determine the proper balance of nutrients your horse needs. Please follow the instructions below for determining the proper amount of ELM to feed your horse.

After your horse has been on ELM and shown major improvements for at least 10 weeks then you can decrease the amount fed per day very slowly - eg- 4 scoops at a feeding can be decreased to 3 scoops at each feeding.

Continue to reduce ELM at a low level to make sure undesired results do not reoccur. When your horse is doing well at the reduced ELM scoops - gradually decrease the amount by one scoop per feeding until you reach 1 scoop per feeding. The amount to feed is based on weight, age and discipline.

If changes become negative, increase the amount of ELM fed to the previous level for a longer time and/or increase it to a higher level per feeding. This will determine your maintenance scoop amount.

What is the common number of scoops to give my horse?

Most horses will eat 4 scoops per feeding (twice per day). Continue at this level for at least 2 months (10 weeks) beyond which you see major improvement. 

What if my feed is pelleted?

If the feed is pelleted you will need to add some other sticky product to keep the ELM from drifting to the bottom of the feeder.

What if my feed is sweet?

If the feed is a sweet feed or one with stickiness ELM will adhere. Make sure you sprinkle the ELM rather than put it all in one place as it is flat-tasting like all minerals.

Can I use Equine Leg Magic™ and other supplements?

ELM is a significant source of vitamins and minerals and they are 100% bio-available to the soft tissue cells. Many other products which contain only trace amounts would not interfere with our product. However, we recommend not adding too many supplements as our formula is a specific ratio that we attest to being beneficial. We cannot guarantee the success of our product combined with additional mineral and vitamin supplements.

Can I use Equine Leg Magic™ for my canine?

We have a sister product developed specifically for canines. Please use Equine Leg Magic - for Canines ELM-C for your dogs. This can be ordered on our site as well.

Does Equine Leg Magic™ pass drug tests?

Yes, ELM does not contain any banned or prohibited substances.

Does Equine Leg Magic™ have research to support it effectiveness?

Yes, we will be adding that to our blog soon. You can research the ingredients to see the many studies that have been conducted to support the benefits of a proper balance of minerals and vitamins for the good health of equines.

Does Equine Leg Magic™ have a "guaranteed analysis?

Yes we do. Click Here for our Guaranteed Analysis. We understand knowing what you are feeding your animals is very important. 

Where does Equine Leg Magic™ source its materials?

ELM ingredients are sourced from sustainably responsible farms that undergo regular inspections.