Do your horse the biggest favor and get him or her on Equine Leg Magic, because it IS magic! My mare Duchess has navicular in both front feet, she was not able to get around without limping, and was in great pain. The vet had her on medications that helped some but when I saw an ad for Equine Leg Magic I thought "why not?" after about 6 weeks she was walking better and then that fall morning she took off running and bucking! It was so beautiful to see again! I can even ride her again thanks to Equine Leg Magic. - Carol Payne, Washington

Equine Leg Magic Testimonial -Shannon H.
I have a 15 year old mare that I run barrels on. She is a tough as they come, but started getting sore in her hocks. A bad reaction to hock injections took her out of the game. I had someone tell me about ELM and I started reading the testimonies. I was very skeptical! Seemed to good to be true, but I had nothing to lose. She's been on ELM for 8 months. She has been at the top of her game this summer, maybe even the best she's ever been. At 15! Placing with the big dogs and last week won one for us. I won't be without it! Thank you for giving me my horse back!
Her comeback has been the talk this summer. I wouldn't be surprised if you start getting calls from Kansas. I love this stuff! — Shannon H.

Thank goodness for Equine Leg Magic. What a difference in our four ponies. I started ELM out of desperation for Brownie, a 38” mini. He was diagnosed with chronic laminitis. He was x-rayed, put on bute and a diet of only grass hay. He had very bad bouts of lameness. Thanks to ELM Brownie is so much better. The farrier is impressed. I will continue with the ELM. My nagging worries are no more. The farrier says all four of my ponies’ hooves are the best ever—with the hoof walls and frogs growing healthy again. There are no laminitis lines or mis-formed hooves.

I’m just a horse lover. I believe ELM is good for whatever ails your horse.

A special thanks to whomever answers the phone at Equine Leg Magic. They were so helpful and knowledgeable.


Equine Leg Magic testimonial Claudia, Julia, and Gus Spreng, Florida

Our vet recommended that we use Equine Leg Magic as a supplement as all our horses are competing in NRHA and we show pretty much every weekend. After we started giving ELM to our horses, we noticed significant improvements.

Examples: Quixote Joe, a 17 year old horse has always had problems with his right shoulder. His movements and gait to the right improved greatly with your product. Otter Bea Whiz, also 17, showed a smoother gait and better overall condition after taking your product. Hesa Smart Boy, a 5 year old gelding, who was sound but had his joints popping in the hind at almost every step improved after taking your product for a couple of months—the popping subsided almost completely. Lady B Great, a 24 year old broodmare had a hard time trotting. We never saw her canter. After being on Equine Leg Magic™ for sixty days, we saw her loping around in the pasture with one of her babies. Quixote Joe won his 2nd world title in a row in 2009 showing about 100 times that year. Otter and Smart Boy ended up in the Top Ten in the NRHA world standings in 2009. - Claudia, Julia, and Gus Spreng, Florida

Equine Leg Magic Testimonial -Reining horse – BH Jessie

I spoke to you 4 weeks ago regarding my 14 year old Reining horse – BH Jessie. After a bleak summary from my vet, I started feeding your product – Equine Leg Magic. After 1 week he was walking with longer strides. After 2 weeks he was playing in his small turn out area. After 3 weeks I can turn him out & he runs, bucks & plays like NEVER before! I am also very impressed in how much his hair coat has changed. The color is becoming darker and is very soft to touch. I was looking at having to replace Jessie – you've saved me Thousands of dollars. - L.J. Kansas

Equine Leg Magic -Ginger DeGrange, California

I bought a 3 year old reiner that had a torn suspensory ligament. After a stem cell procedure, he has recovered. However we were so concerned about the obvious injury we overlooked his poor quality feet. My shoer was afraid to clinch the nails because the walls would break. Whizzit's fetlocks popped every step. His movement felt somewhat restricted. Whizzit has been on Equine Leg Magic™ for 3 months now. My shoer said he has never seen such improvement with any product. There are no more popping joints, he moves relaxed and free, and his coat is gorgeous. With all the benefits I can see, just imagine how great his internal parts feel. Thanks so much for the joy of riding and showing healthy horses. - Ginger DeGrange, California

I am writing this testimonial with sheer delight and amazement. I recently bought a 15 year old gelding that had been used for trail riding and light barrel racing. He had never had any known health issues. As I started to ride him and trailer him to shows, I noticed that if he stood tied to the trailer, or stood in one place in a stall for any length of time (greater than one hour), that when I walked him off he was extremely stiff in his back end - almost appearing crippled. After 3 or 4 steps, he walked completely out of it. It appeared to perhaps be arthritis, hock issues or other unknown factor. When I told someone about his issues, they suggested I try the Equine Leg Magic™. The symptoms of stiffness were present every time he stood immobile, so I knew that if something did help him, I would know, as I could elicit the symptoms consistently.

After 2-3 weeks on the recommended dose of ELM, I took him to a show and let him stand 2 hours at the trailer. When I walked him off, he did not take a lame or stiff step AT ALL!!! I have continued to watch him in the stall standing and have taken him to numerous events that require standing without movement. EVERY time now, he walks off sound. I am amazed and so pleased, not to mention that he is much more smooth and comfortable in riding. I am so thankful and so in awe over the improvements and visibly noticeable difference. I cannot say enough!! Thank you for such a great product!

Equine Leg Magic Testimonial - Barrel horse

When I purchased a 19 year old barrel horse he came with a list of instructions. Keep him on bute daily - dates to inject hocks & fetlocks - when to use Legend & Adequan. After purchasing he was able to only run once per weekend and on Monday was extremely slow moving out of his stall. Sixty days after switching to ELM only - he has received no bute & no injections since purchasing - he was able to run 3 times in a weekend & finished 8th out of 300.

I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with your product. I have a 4 year old Appaloosa that has navicular. She developed it last summer and had a severe limp and could not perform while lopping or even trotting. This horse is my prize show horse and has qualified for the World Appaloosa show as both a 3 year old and a 4 year old. I have gone through multiple farriers, numerous vet bills, nerve blocking tests, and countless supplements that did not work!! Finally a friend of mine mentioned this product (ELM) which they had success with on a roping horse. I was at first skeptical to try yet another supplement, but decided to go for it. WOW - I'm glad I did!!! My mare is now up and running around the pasture like never before - she has spunk and tons of energy now that she can move without pain! I have been riding her once in awhile and there is absolutely   no limping and her gaits are free and flowing! Not to   mention that she has gained muscle mass and looks in great condition. I was so impressed with this product that I have now started to feed it to my yearling mare as well as she is my new show mare.

We have a 2 year old Quarter horse gelding that in September 2008 we started on ELM. His knees were big and boxy and his lateral digital extensor tendons very tight causing his knees and legs to turn out. All he would do is walk and not a lot of that. After 3 months on ELM he was bucking and playing again. We have now started breaking him. His lateral digital extensor tendons are still a little tight but he has made big improvements and is still improving.

My horse was diagnosed with navicular 2 ½ years ago at our University Vet school. During the past year she would not willingly come out of her stall onto the hard surfaced aisle way. After six weeks on ELM she comes out of her stall and when on dirt will walk, trot and lope.

My 9 year old Lipizan dressage horse was never stiff or off but I started him on ELM as a preventative - but lo & behold he is moving freer and better than ever! My trainer says so too.

I am soo... pleased with the results I'm seeing from the horses on ELM. The foals all have straight legs & only one case of epiphysitis in a nursing foal that was not given ELM. This foal was put on ELM at weaning and in 6 weeks has fully recovered from her very large swollen ankles.

My weanling colt with epiphysitis has been on ELM for 2+ weeks. After 1 week his joints and pasterns are normal. He is frolicking around the pasture like a normal healthy weanling colt. I am so happy with the results of ELM on this colt as cutting his feed as per the vet's instructions resulted in stopping his growth. I would not have believed the rapid improvement with ELM if I had not seen it.

My pleasure horse tore her suspensory ligament. The vet said to confine her to a stall for 6 to 8 months and allow it to heal. I put her on ELM and today - 2 months later I showed her for the first time and won the pleasure class. I am sold on this product.

My 30 year old barrel horse had been on Legend injections for 2 years. However, they were only lasting 2 months. She has been on ELM for 2+ years now and has never had a need for another injection.

A 17h 4 year old gelding who could barely shuffle his feet & could not turn to the left was rescued prior to being put down the next day. He was placed on ELM at high levels - given grain and grass hay. After 6 weeks he was moving good but slowly. At 8 weeks he was walking well. At 10 weeks he was kicking & bucking. At 12 weeks he was racing around in his large pen. At 20 weeks he began working lightly and has since progressed to 4-H youth showing.

My show mare had a terrible time with joint popping & cracking. After 1 month on ELM the popping etc. has disappeared and she appears to be much more at ease.

My 2 year old gelding had an ongoing problem with a locked stifle. After being treated with ELM for 8 days the stifle no longer locked and I was able to send him to the trainer's.

My horse is a 2 year old filly & over at the knees. ELM has done wonders for her in 5 weeks - not wobbly in the knees at all.

My gelding is a 22 year old retired barrel horse, weighs 1000 lbs. He's has had ringbone for at least 10 years. Just light trail riding for the last 4 years & not at all in the last year. He has been on a number of different supplements with some help but still had a lot of bad days. After 3 weeks on ELM he is not standing around in his stall or taking forever walking across the pasture. He is walking from the top of the pasture to the bottom with ease. He comes to the fence when I walk outside & the sparkle is back in his eyes - I haven't seen that in a long time. It is truly a miracle because I was considering putting him down. Thanks for giving me back my horse. I'm hopeful that I will be able to ride him again since he has made so much progress.

I used ELM on a 20 year old riding horse I bought. After a week on ELM she felt so good she tried to buck me off. She acted like a young horse. I then put a 2 year old on ELM that was kicking out when asked to move forward. After 2 weeks she lopes fine.

I see the founder growing out fast as the bottom part of the hoof is flared where the laminae are destroyed and the top band is looking fantastic & normal. It only made sense that to me that the more rapid the growth of the hoof would help him and by golly it has! He is off bute altogether - he is running with his buddies for a few hours in the afternoon - having a little pasture every few days. I was about ready to give up on him as I could not stand to see him in such pain. His most recent x-rays have shown a halt in the rotation of the coffin bone. I can not tell you how happy I am. I believe that ELM has truly saved my horse, for which I am more grateful than I can express. Thank you so much.

Here it is for another order. The ELM is working like magic. My colt is running & playing with the rest of the boys. Thank you so much for a product that really works.

Your supplement is like magic. My filly with epiphysitis has had no swelling after 5 days on this product. I really have to thank you & my friend everyday for telling me about this product. Thanks again. You've put a great smile on my face.

Our 8 year old broodmare has had an ongoing problem with her rear legs - vet stated " only thing left to do is inject her joints". After 3 weeks on ELM the horse is 100% sound and has no joint popping. Two years later she still has no problems.

My aged gelding was really tight in the shoulders & would come out of the stall walking stiffly. After using ELM, he is 100% sound at all times & even plays after working him hard.

The ELM is a miracle. My mare has improved in only 30 days. She had clicking & popping in her Rt. hockIn Oct. 2006 I ordered ELM to see if my horse's back problem could be helped. I was hoping to be able to trail ride without him exhibiting pain. After 12 weeks on ELM he has improved so much that we are doing dressage. If someone had told me this was possible in Oct. I would have said no way - after all I had a chiropractor, an acupuncturist & veterinarians examine and treat my horse with little change in his pain status. The dressage trainer told me that he is as fit and flexible a horse as I have ever seen.

ELM is the only supplement that I have ever used where I have seen a physical change in the horse.

I fed ELM for a front knee problem. The knee improved rapidly. However, he also went from a non-sweater to a sweater even though I had tried other products.

My 2 year old gelding is over at the knees & large for his age. ELM has done wonders for him in 6 weeks. My 10 year old gelding was always sore. Since he has been on ELM he is not sore at all.

I am the proud owner of a 22 year old Palomino Quarter horse who is blind in one eye. I have tried many joint supplements over the years to keep her comfortable. Each one has worked to an extent, but I was always disappointed in one way or another. A friend told me about ELM so I decided to give it a try. After just 2 full weeks on ELM, my mare was cantering from the back pasture up to the barn which is something she had never done before. Her whole attitude brightened & she seemed to "come alive" again! We are now enjoying trail rides again which is something I thought I was going to have to leave in the past. Thank you for giving us both a new outlook on life!

My 17 year old paint has had leg problems since he was two. Difficulty climbing hills, quick to tire, awkward collection and uncooperative for shoeing and by age 10 could no longer be ridden. She was diagnosed with popping stifles, coffin bone rotation, under run heels, contracted heels & atrophied frogs. Lameness was sporatic. All shoeing methods failed - natural balance, wedges, pads & bar shoes. She has been on ELM for 1 week and has made great improvements - occasionally loping and rarely rests her worst leg. Within hours of the first dose she went from standing camped under in back to standing square. She now carries herself more balanced than ever before. I am amazed at the improvements ELM has made in only 1 week.

ELM worked on my horse where many other joint products didn't. Without ELM my horse becomes stiff and has limited motion.

I use ELM all the time & can swear by it... that stuff keeps me from having to do hock injections and for as many shows that we do, NO ONE is ever lame or ever has problems... in fact my accident prone gelding just recovered from a bad hock injury (laid down in a fence) and I started him on it and it is clearing up his "congestion" in the injury... He also had surgery for a club foot as a foal and the University vets warned me that he may have to have the other foot done too but since he has been on ELM, he doesn't need it!  

Our 15 year old mare who had EPM as a 3 year old has never liked to lope since. After being on ELM daily we find her loping around the pasture frequently.

I recently ordered ELM for one of the elderly horses at my barn. Everyone I've talked to says this stuff is awesome. All said they were having their horses injected but have not had to do it since using this product.

My husband is a farrier and some of his clients have used it. It works wonders!!! He has seen it work on several different horses. One horse had severely contracted tendons and surgery was to be the last option. After 30 days on ELM surgery was not needed!!!

In Feb. 06 my yearling gelding hyper extended the left rear suspensory tendon to the point that the back of the fetlock would almost touch the ground. The vet was doubtful he would recover to the point that he could be shown again. He was placed on ELM and was shown 4 months later in the 2006 world show & again in 2007. He has fully recovered and is on a maintenance level ELM daily.

My 5 year old mare EHP Ayanna won the Egyptian Event at Lexington (June 2007). It is a dream come true. Prior to using ELM very low marks were always received as the mare was straight legged from birth and lacked knee action (flexibility). After only 6 months on ELM, she won which I never thought was possible.

My filly was born very over at the knees, straight in the pasterns and a lot of fluid on her right rear hock. At 13 days of age I started dosing her orally with ELM. She rapidly progressed - initially the fluid in the hock disappeared within 3 days - the straightening of the front legs progressed each day. She was kept on limited exercise and was fully recovered at 16 weeks. To date she is being dosed twice a day when fed with ELM as she is rapidly growing and is turned out.