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Equine Leg Magic (ELM)

In 2004, a mineral supplement was formulated by K.C. Kelley, PhD for use in a rapidly growing yearling gelding. He didn't like to trot, had difficulty getting up and soon developed contracted tendons in his front legs and was walking on both front fetlocks.  Because of his rapid improvement in 8 weeks it was then offered to other horse owners for use in their young horses with leg problems. In 2005, the company Equine Leg Magic LLC was formed to manufacture and market the mineral supplement. The product was Equine Leg Magic; the name resulting from horse owners referring to the supplement as Leg Magic. Since 2005 ELM has been found to have positive effects on a number of horse problems or injuries. Horses from minis to draft and 10 days of age to 37 years have been fed ELM. Many owners say the results are amazing. It is the goal of Equine Leg Magic LLC to give good service, answer questions concerning the possible use of ELM for your horses and provide a product at a low cost so that an owner can afford it. When you buy ELM the packaging isn't fancy and shipping is included in the pricing.

Watch interview of our founder, Kay Kelley on In the Company of Horses.

About our founder:

Dr K. C. Kelley lived in North Central Florida on a 60 acre farm where she raised quarter horses. She was a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science (zoology) and the University of Florida with a Master of Science in Agriculture (animal nutrition) and a Doctor of Philosophy (reproductive physiology, biochemistry and enzyme kinetics).