Canine Testimonials

"Canine Leg Magic has helped my Ivy a lot! After 3 doses she was walking better and you can tell she feels much better too. It's like it took years off of her! Thank you so much! "
- Amanda Anderson

"Our big Dane/mastiff pup Harlowe tore her ccl (acl) a few months ago. The surgery required to fix this is called tplo. It’s a very invasive surgery that requires the surgeon to cut the leg bone, put it in a different spot, then reattach it with big plates and screws. The recovery is typically 8 weeks minimum of constant supervision and little to no exercise. This seemed like a death sentence to our crazy energetic girl, and to us to have to get her through this!

I found Canine Leg Magic a week before surgery and started her on it. She did amazing through recovery with no hiccups. Today she was given the ok to go back to her normal activity level, she is 100% healed!! 6 weeks to full bone growth is amazing. I suspect she was healed even sooner at 4 or 5 weeks as that’s when she stopped limping and acted like herself again. We couldn’t get in to get an X-ray yet because it’s usually way too early, but I really do think they would have told us she was healed. Either way, Canine Leg Magic almost cut her recovery time by a third. I’m amazed and super grateful!! We have our crazy pup back, and I’m going to keep her on CLM to ensure she doesn’t injure her other knee. Thanks so much for such an amazing product!!"

- Codi Stephens