Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement
Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement
Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement
Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement
Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement
Equine Leg Magic™ LLC.

Equine Leg Magic™ Supplement

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Equine Leg Magic™ (ELM) is a granular mineral supplement plus vitamins formulated in specific ratios that can be added to the feed twice daily or added to water and given orally as a suspension. All mineral ingredients in ELM are simple compounds that dissociate rapidly on ingestion. It is this feature that makes ELM 100% bio-available to the tissue cells of muscle, tendons, bones, nerves, etc., and explains the wide range of clinical symptoms that respond to the product. It should be noted that ELM does not replace free choice mineral sources. Please read our testimonials!

ELM customers readily maintain the suggested dosage of ELM for their equines. This "maintenance" is recommended regardless of the initial treatment and dosage levels. 

Regular loading scoops for a full-grown horse is 1 scoop twice daily for the first 3 days, then increase to 2 scoops, twice daily through day 5, increase to 3 scoops, twice daily thereafter for 10 weeks. For moderate to severe issues, we recommend up to 5 scoops twice daily. Typically, people see ELM working after 10 weeks at the full scoop level. For horses who have been presenting symptoms for an extended period of time, it will take longer for our product to work it's magic. Customers who stick with ELM report success in even these cases.

Equine Leg Magic™ works best when horses are not being fed alfalfa and perennial peanut. We encourage our customers to avoid these legumes while on ELM. If this is unavoidable, then no more than 1/4 of these feeds should be included in their daily diet. 

Prior to shipment, we recommend that all NEW Equine Leg Magic™ customers complete an ELM consultation before your product ships. This will allow us to give you specific instructions based on your specific equine. This is a very important step to attaining optimal results for your equine. You can call, email or chat live with us anytime you have a question.

There is no charge for the consultation. 

Ingredients: Biotin• L-Lysine• Sodium Selenite• Calcium Carbonate• Magnesium Oxide• Thiamine Mononitrate• Calcium Phosphate• Magnesium Sulfate• Vegetable Oil• d-Calcium Pantothenate• Manganous Oxide• Vitamin A Supplement• Choline Chloride• DL-Methionine• Vitamin B-12 Supplement• Cobalt Sulfate• Niacin• Vitamin D-3 Supplement• Copper Sulfate• Potassium Chloride• Vitamin E Supplement• Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide• Potassium Sulfate• Yeast Culture• Ferrous Sulfate• Pyridoxine Hydrochloride• Zinc Oxide• Folic Acid• Riboflavin• Prebiotics• Probiotics

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