What is Laminitis?

What is Laminitis? According to UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Center for Equine Health, Laminitis is damage and inflammation of the tissue between the hoof and the underlying coffin bone. This tissue, the laminae (also called lamellae), is folded layers of tissue, contacting the surface of the bone on one side and the inside of the hoof wall on the other, connecting the two. Depending on how severely these attachments are weakened, the outcome can range from mild foot soreness to separation of the coffin bone and hoof (founder). The front hooves, which bear the majority of the horse’s weight, are most...

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May Newsletter


We’re listening to your needs. Coming soon is our guaranteed analysis. Please keep a watch out and share with your horse-loving friends...

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Equine Leg Magic is excited to announce that we've added subscription services to online ordering...

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Oh Canada!


We've expanded online ordering for Canada! Our Canadian customers mean so much to us and we are ecstatic about this new development...

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Our team is growing!

Equine Leg Magic™ has added more members to our support team...

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